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Tattoo Aftercare Advice:

1. Keep the plasticwrap ,that was applied after tattooing ,on for 3-4 h

2. After you have taken off the palstic wrap,,wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and lukwarm water.

(The tattoo needs to be completely washed off of lymph,vaselin etc.)

After washing it ,dry it up with a paper towel or clean,non fluffycloth.

3. Apply a healing cream immediately; (Pharmacies in latvia and other countries carry the cream Bepanthen plus).

4. THE TATTOO CAN NOT BE DRY !!! The cream needs to be applied 4-5 times per day or whenever the tattoo becomes dry.

5. The healing process depend on skin type and different environmental conditions(the tattooed skin heals approximately 7-14 days).

Duringthese days ,the cream needs to be applied as often as possible.

6. During the healing process (5-7 days) DO NOT- use a bath house,swim do, sports sweat intensively and use yeasty alcoholic beverages.

7. It is advisable to take quick showers instead of lengthy ones to avoid getting the tattoo wet.

8. During the first 3 weeks after getting your tattoo,try ti avoid direct sunlight and defintely avoid tanning beds.

( this can cause the pigment to fade as well as cause an allergic reaction).

9. For the tattoo to keep its color and appearance during the next year,we recomend whenever you come into close contact with the sun or

use tanning bed apply a sun block with the highest UV filter to it.

P.S. The recommendations and aids have been tested over a long time period.In case uncertainty ,ask your tattoo artist.

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